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Author: Olivier Chapperon
Site: (translated from French)

Sébastien Gendron, the CEO of TransPod, the company that is carrying the Hyperloop project, these shuttles that must circulate at 1,000 km / h in a vacuum tube, was in Limoges in recent days to work around the economic feasibility study of a Paris-Orléans-Limoges line.

After Thailand, last week, where he met the one who is expected to become the next Prime Minister and who wants to create a Hyperloop line between Phuket, Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Sebastien Gendron, the CEO of TransPod, has multiplied you these last hours in Limoges. The opportunity to make a point with him on the progress of the project and the test center.

The track and test center Droux. The building permit was obtained in December. “In April, the site should be connected to the electricity grid by Enedis, details Sébastien Gendron. Then, the greenway will be cleared. In May, the soil study will be carried out to allow the construction of the building that will house the technical center. Tenders are being drafted for these projects. Tube design this summer.

As for the tubes, they are designed by Sade, a company specializing in networks with which TransPod signed a partnership in January. The design should begin in the summer as soon as the type of alloy retained. ArcelorMittal, also a partner since January, will realize them. The welds between the tubes will be conducted on site. The first 500 meters should be delivered at the end of summer. TransPod France installed in Ester technopole. TransPod France, subsidiary of TransPod, registered since February 5 at the CCI, has just taken possession of offices in Ester technopole. This is where the first employees will settle. Sébastien Gendron has already received many applications from around the world. “For some, they are people with remarkable backgrounds. This means that the project is interesting. But we will be very demanding, with people who obviously know how to speak English but who are also autonomous and able to make decisions in expertises. The first employees will arrive in September.”

The Paris-Orléans-Châteauroux-Limoges line. Sébastien Gendron meets the mayor of Châteauroux this Wednesday, March 20 in the morning. “The mayor of Orleans is also closely following the file. I must also meet the vice-president in charge of transport of Ile-de-France. Paris Airport is now involved with this idea that an axis could be created between Orly and Châteauroux airport for freight. This would remove trucks from the road.”

Four parameters for the economic feasibility study

The association Hyperloop Limoges, which promotes this mode of transport, will bring the financing of this one for an amount of 500.000 euros. The communities of the axis will be asked by it to complete the budget. Limoges Metropole has already expressed interest. This study is expected to last six months and will include four financing parameters: passenger volume, freight, energy revenues (solar panels on the structure) and real estate value.

“We discussed this subject with the prefect of Haute-Vienne, this Thursday morning, says Sebastien Gendron. It would be, as does the Grand Paris project, to finance the infrastructure through a tax on the capital gain on real estate sales in cities where a station will be open. Because when Limoges is half an hour from Paris, the price of real estate will inevitably fly. Anyway, we are here to find the solutions to make it economically feasible. “