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About Us

The Heartland Hyperloop Coalition’s mission is to bring this innovative and transformative technology to America’s bread basket. The middle of America has made its mark on our country by moving people and goods faster and more efficiently than anywhere else. Hyperloop technology promises to allow us to move freight and people at speeds hundreds of miles per hour faster than that of a plane, all using clean energy and for a fraction of the cost. By connecting the Heartland’s numerous ports, airports, and logistics hubs we can move America, its business, and its people into the 21st century.

Travis H. Brown
President Heartland Hyperloop Coalition

Travis serves as President for Grow Missouri Inc., which is responsible for various public outreach efforts in Missouri, including FLY314. He also serves as Chief Executive Officer of First Rule, a Saint Louis based government and public affairs network. The 40 employees that operate First Rule, LLC combine over 150 years of strategic government procurement strategy that has included such public approval projects as the Jackson County Sports Authority, the Truman Sports Complex, and other ballot measures for the Metropolitan Saint Louis Sewer District. Travis advised and assisted the City of Saint Louis regarding the advancement, passage, or final completion of such efforts as Missouri Proposition A (2010 and/or 2012) through the Missouri State Legislature and the corresponding public ballot coalition named A Safer Missouri. The Municipal Police Amendment known as Proposition A (2012) was passed with 63% statewide support restoring local control of the City’s public safety budget for the first time in 150 years.

Travis is an instrument-rated private pilot with over 4,600 hours of total flight time across North America and is a member of the Elliott Society in Washington University’s Olin School of Business. He also serves on the Chesterfield, MO-based Board of Directors for the International Humanitarian Organization Wings of Hope, which manages a fleet of nearly 70 aircraft with deployments worldwide.

Prior Saint Louis corporate transaction experience includes five years with the Monsanto Company as a manager of State and Local Government Affairs responsible for the Midwest Region. In this capacity, Travis worked with Creve Coeur headquarters and Chesterfield Village site selection expansions and the passage of the first small business incubator authorization act for the Nidus Center for Scientific Enterprise (1997). He holds a Master in Business Administration with an emphasis in private equity/entrepreneurship from Washington University in Saint Louis, and two undergraduate degrees from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Steven Tilley
Vice President, Heartland Hyperloop Coalition

Steven Tilley is a former Speaker of the Missouri House of Representatives. Steven was elected to the House in November 2004. He became the Majority leader in January 2007. Steven was elected Speaker in November 2010 and was instrumental to the Republican pick up of 17 seats that year. In 2011, Steven led the redistricting effort which set the stage for the veto proof majority of 109 Republicans when he left office.

In 2012, Steven left office and founded Strategic Capitol Consulting a government affairs and consulting business, which primarily handles state and some local government business. One of his first consulting clients was Mike Parson, now the Governor of Missouri, and the two maintain a close relationship. In just four years, Steven has grown SCC from a one-man firm with a single blue chip client to a four person team with a roster of clients ranging from associations to large cap, technology and emerging market companies. SCC maintains offices in Jefferson City, Chesterfield and Perryville, Missouri. Several notable tech companies like Tesla, Express Scripts, Uber, and World Wide Technologies have enlisted Tilley’s services.

In addition to government consulting, Steven is also an entrepreneur. He’s a real estate developer and owner/broker, a restauranteur, and included among his various business concerns are a pharmacy and insurance agency. From 1998 to 2010, Steven co-owned Tilley Eye Center in Perryville, Missouri, where he practiced as an Optometrist. In 2010, he merged his practice with Clarkson Eyecare, which is now one of the largest privately owned practices in the country.